Rooms and Exits – Chapter 3 Level 13 Walkthrough

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Escaping from the Medical History, you have been trapped in Mayas and Incas, where two rooms await you and a security device on the door to crack. Finding the way out is your ultimate goal; however, solutions are difficult to discover as you need to find clues, solve mini-games, uncover clues, and utilize them to get your hands on two balls. Putting the ball on the door and leading it to the endpoint may help you open the door to escape.

Afterward, two more levels await you to be completed until the release of the new update, where more levels will be introduced. You play the game from an isometric viewpoint; however, upon clicking the particular area, the zoom view opens and lets you discover the object quickly. If you landed on this page without completing the previous stages, select the guide related to the level you are looking for to find solutions. Otherwise, keep reading our Rooms and Exits – Chapter 3 Level 13 Walkthrough Guide to find solutions and answers.

Rooms and Exits Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Level 13 (Mayas and Incas)

Developers have used historical places for Chapter 3 and Level 13 to challenge your puzzle-solving and detective skills. Finding solutions won’t be easy because there’s no instructional system to help you learn what to see. Therefore, everything relies on your detective skills. Many puzzles are featured, and their solutions require finding items and getting the key to open the door.

  • Head to the rack on the left side to discover a green-colored gem and pick it up from there to add it to your inventory for later use.
  • Tap the stones on the front wall and set them to open the secret one for a note that holds a passcode like 231.
  • Go through the passageway of the right side to enter a new room, tap the rack on the left side, get the badge aside to reveal a plate behind it, and notice the glowing plant pots.
  • Head to your inventory to choose the coin and put the plate in it after selecting both and using the combine button.
  • Afterward, place the coin on the shield to the right side, rotate the rings to bring the coin in proper shape, and open the secret section to obtain a Screwdriver.
  • Under the shield, there’s a plate that you should open using the screwdriver and repair the circuit by connecting wires correctly.
  • Soon, the electricity will be restored, and the light emitted to the small pyramid.
  • Visit the second room, open the inventory to choose the gem, and put it on the pot on the left side to move the second gem from the left side to a step back toward the left side to open the secret section and obtain a Jewel.
  • Step back and visit the first room, tap the shield near the stone puzzle, and fix the Jewel to start a mini-game. To solve the puzzle, you must tap buttons to rotate the ring and turn all black stones into pink without touching the pink stone.
  • Once you solve the puzzle, a secret section will open and let you obtain a Piece of Paper.
  • Head to your inventory to dismantle the recently collected paper to get an image. Between the shield and the stone puzzle, there’s a frame where you must add the image you have in your inventory. Before leaving the spot, don’t forget to obtain the Note.

Enter the Second Room

  • After getting the Note, move on to the next room with a pond and tap Totems to open the zoom view. Change the Totems’ positions in the image below to get a Note and Neon Lamp.
  • Select the Neon Light from your panel and put it on three tiles above the rack. Solving all puzzles will help you reveal numbers as 739.
  • Now, step back and tap the machine near the door to open the door. Enter the passcode (739) to reveal a mini-game and try to solve the puzzle to get the passcode (1582).
  • Afterward, enter the second room, tap the cupboard, and dial the passcode (1582) to open the lock and get a Piece of Paper. Don’t forget to tap the button to bring a platform out of the pond.
  • Dismantle the piece of paper in the inventory to get a code (91574) and set the numbers using the dial on the platform to obtain Balls.
  • Go to the first room, tap the door, put both balls on it to run a mini-game, and start solving a puzzle wherein your goal is to lead both balls together and reach the endpoint to open the door.
  • Now, go through the door to complete the Rooms and Exits – Chapter 3, Level 13.

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